The Easiest platform to help you manage your restaurant

Become a TakeIn partner, and manage your working hours, menu, promotions, orders and more across your own listing and your direct space in one place with the TakeIn for Restaurants portal.

Data-Driven Insights for your business

Track the performance of your business and get datadriven insights at your fingertips. Manage your restaurant, payments, revenue, and orders in a single place with TakeIn’s smart dashboard.

What do we cater for?

No matter where you are, our delivery heroes will be there for you and help you reach better sales, expand your exposure, and modify your delivery boundaries. With TakeIn, your customers will never see a ‘this restaurant does not deliver to your area’ message.

If you do not have your own delivery heroes, we will assign ones for you to deliver your orders while they are still hot!
Tired of getting lost between walk-ins and pre-booked reservations? Our platform will help people reserve tables online, hassle free!
Restaurant Pickup
Allow your customers and staff to have a seamless experience with managing and requesting pickup orders with TakeIn’s easy to use platform
Curbside Pickup
Did you know that the more time it takes to search for an address, the colder the food gets? Satisfy your customers who live in hard-to-reach areas with a hot meal with our curbside pickup service that allows them to choose a landmark for their delivery instead of the full home address!